Simplifying Diabetes

Track your lifestyle.

Get personalized insights.

Improve your diabetes.

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About bant

bant was designed by diabetes experts with feedback from patients, and focuses on helping you easily track your diabetes activities and receive personalized feedback. bant is proudly named after Dr. Frederick Banting who discovered insulin in 1921 in Toronto, Canada.

We love receiving feedback on how we can improve your diabetes experience. Please share your thoughts with us!

Capture Meals

Now you can take a photo of your meals to help you remember what you ate and relate it back to your blood sugars.

Sync Data

bant can pull data from any other health apps you may be using. Simply authorize the Health app.

Gain Insight

The more information you track, the more insights you get!

Our goal is to help you understand how your lifestyle choices impact your diabetes.

Digital Logbook

Keep track of your diabetes by simply tracking meals, blood sugars, activity, and weight in one place!

(coming soon)
(coming soon)